Our Custodian

With many choices available for custody provider of client assets, the team at Aries put significant thought and effort into choosing Pershing, a BNY ­Mellon company. Safety of assets is paramount when working with a custodian, and Pershing has been the gold­ standard for safety for many decades.

For over 75 years, many of the most complex financial institutions in the world have chosen to work with Pershing because their success is measured by one simple benchmark: their clients’ success. In an ever ­changing marketplace, and through times of global instability, the Pershing team has been trusted, tested and proven to protect their clients’ interests while providing them with the most innovative solutions possible. Registered Investment Advisors choose Pershing because they are a leader in their field.

Learn more about Pershing by visiting their website: https://www.pershing.com/