Asset Management

As part of our asset management service, the team at Aries Wealth Management creates a custom portfolio for each of our clients. These portfolios consist of individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds (“ETFs”).

Each Aries client’s investment strategy is tailored to their specific needs. Together we determine your risk tolerance, then customize a portfolio that is designed to meet your investment goals. Once the appropriate portfolio has been determined, we review the portfolio at least quarterly and rebalance it to keep in line with your stated goals and objectives. We also offer financial planning and consulting to each of our clients.


Tailoring of Advisory Services

We offer individualized investment advice to our clients. As part of this unique service, Aries Wealth Management clients have the opportunity to place reasonable restrictions on the types of investments held in the portfolio.

Additionally, we are not bound by restrictive portfolio management and have the opportunity to be far more interactive with our clients. We will provide research and guidance to clients on specific investment vehicles upon request.

We are also sensitive to tax consequences when managing portfolios.